two weeks of nom nom nom

ok so as you know, i have been a lazy laaaazy poster in the past couple of (okay fine, FIVE) days. but you have to understand, going home for a vacation is always an emotional ride. especially for halfies with identity schizo issues (may have mentioned this before…). so to be honest, the last few days in costa rica, i just wanted to soak in the friends, family and flavors without worrying about how to pass on the info to the i’m sure thousands of readers that i have. ahem.

costa rican food to me is always homey, filling and delicious. let’s start with the jamaican influenced limon. gorgeous beaches, yes. awesome fish? why yes please:

i remember when one was too much. in fact, i remember sharing. not anymore! i ate that whole thing. and would have had two if i could.

then we had patties. jamaican patties are basically flaky, flavorful, delicious jamaican empanadas. patties plus a bougie beach cafe with great octopus after the jump!

so yes, patties. golden, warm, delicious caribbean love:

the next day we ventured into fancy bougie coffee land, to a place called koki beach where they served some mean octopus.  check out the decor:

of course life is always better with a coca latina (and not the snorty kind. though the south also makes killer blow):

i did some major damage. i mean major:

so then i learned the two lessons that i part on to you :

1) don’t wait to blog. cleverness is fleeting.

2) always eat more fish. that’s right, pescatarians. my hat’s off to you. buen provecho!


~ by nadstina on January 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “two weeks of nom nom nom”

  1. that grilled fish sure looks good 🙂
    So far the place where I’ve seen more local dishes of fish is Madeira. Ofc it is an island so it had to be a major role of their gastronomy.

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