birds of paradise, boys of summer (in january)

the main reason why tourists flock to this small spec of earth is the flora and fauna. which also explains why we are such hippies. every slogan on every bus here holds some reference to nature. and when you are surrounded by these, how can you blame us?

ahh the sweet smell of nature. this was all at the bougainvillea, a super bougey (duh) place that my paternal fam took me out to brunch in. unlike other bougey outings though, this one was totally worth it because of the awe-some garden. yes, it was that awesome.

but of course, after all that, i wanted some city-ness in me. especially if that city outing involves some jokes, some imperial beer, and maybe a midnight delving into foosball world. my cousins al rescate! so the way my family works is hella mafioso. that means that they cannot CANNOT comprehend the concept of i-need-time-with-not-you. thankfully my cousins feel my ache, and they immediately were like, “ummm we’re family so you can’t complain about us going out til 2 AM, getting drunk and eating bad tacos.” dicho y hecho.

my younger cousin is now looking hella nice (he lost 20 lbs, folks!)  and my cousin who is more like a sis has a great new boyfriend and a great new job so there were many reasons to celebrate. out we went. and here was the first time i felt like i was home: hangin out with dudes, beers, and getting my ass kicked by my cousin pamela in foosbal. bear with the bad pic. this was many imperials into the evening. salud!


~ by nadstina on January 5, 2010.

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