san jose blu(s)

so as you know, i’ve been ill in paradise. the cough is diminishing, but i still was forced to brave the auto mercado in san jose and hit up some sicko supplies. i really wish i would have brought my camera because there’s something so strangely comforting about going to the supermarket in a place you once called home. sprinkled amongst the new world order of brands, there’s always a couple of cans of dulce de leche or a pack of bizcochos, or something that smells like playground sweat, something that so ephemerally reminds you that these small things once surrounded your existence, even if this existence is now far, muddled and way spanglished out.

anyway, like i said i forgot my camera, so once i got home all i was able to gather is that there are tacky kitteh things here too:

other than that, the past couple of days in the jungle have been pretty wonder bread. regardless though, last night was new year’s eve (more on that in a sec) and my paternal fam and i went out to a hearty peruvian lunch in order to prepare for drinking rum and cokes with my nana later on (you gotta darle forma al vómito). near san pedro i happen to see this:

costa rican arte! and graff too. reminded me of baby steps toward a greater world street art.

anyway, the new year’s evening went on with many a conversation with my cousin and some scandalous calle 13 that made my grandpa giggle. so for now, happy new year! here’s to hoping that there is more bang than suburban fireworks can show.

~ by nadstina on January 1, 2010.

One Response to “san jose blu(s)”

  1. This is awesome! Enjoy your trip to your seed. Luv, Hilda & El Sup Cal

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