reasons why i love brooklyn and puebla york in general

brooklyn based is fucking with my emotions today, reminding me of times i’ve been all around red hook feeling blissful. this time bb tugs at my mariachi strings via sunset park, showing me conchas like the ones my stepdad used to bring home in arizona.

what? rant, you say? don’t mind if i do!

one of the things that’s tricky about being a latina anywhere but especially in a setting where i am, where many of my fellow latino friends are closer to the belly of the beast is that there are few people to share the small ethnic joys of new york (affectionately known as puebla york) with. it’s a crazy rough thing at times. like a lot of my friends here will gladly come to eat these with me at sunset park:

but none will really know what it’s like to know that they were conchas before you even knew the word for bread. none really know what the tepito sellers sound like when they holler at you to buy them. and far many of them will be scandalized by this:

rather than laugh at how much pig heads don’t affect you ’cause you’ve seen worse at your hometown’s carnicería.

regardless of how complicatedly rough it is at times, it’s also very exciting to be part of this secret club of folks with shared accents, scents and scenes. and only here can we find joy in having all these slight sights from sunset park in common.

all images via brooklyn based.


~ by nadstina on December 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “reasons why i love brooklyn and puebla york in general”

  1. […] for a vacation is always an emotional ride. especially for halfies with identity schizo issues (may have mentioned this before…). so to be honest, the last few days in costa rica, i just wanted to soak in the friends, family […]

  2. Hello, nice forum here.

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