hello, dodo.

so i went to see the dodos tonight. the show was overall pretty good, including a bit where meric long put these lights on his fingers and played the geetar with the lights off (cream-your-pants awesomeness). that part could not be captured by the camera. but these could!


there was a point when the vibraphone was mic’d waaaay to hottt and it reverberated in that not-intentionally-cool way, in my humble opinion. that and i will never forgive them for not playing winter. however, they did jam out pretty hard.

more pics after the jump.

yeah they should have played undeclared too. just sayin’.




~ by nadstina on October 14, 2009.

One Response to “hello, dodo.”

  1. i don’t like the term ‘cream your pants’ and i won’t reveal whether or not that actually happened for me yesterday but this was an excellent show!!

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