spoiler alert: sal got shafted

unfortunately not literally. i’m not gonna give much away; i’m just saying that sal is the most unfortunate person in mad men. whatevs, betty. you can deal.

“Wee Small Hours”

Keith: We’re going to break with the usual TV Club format this week. I have Mad Men blogger emeritus Noel Murray in town for the big Inventory book signing this week so we’re going to talk about this week’s episode Crosstalk style. And there’s certainly no shortage of material to cover. Where last week brought us “Souvenir,” a great plot-lite/tone-heavy episode, “Wee Small Hours” pushed forward several different sub-plots. It also pushed us further ahead in time, or at least across some important thresholds. “Souvenir” took place in the depths of summer but here summer has started to give way to fall. History continues its insistent pull forward as well. Playing out in the background: The March On Washington For Jobs And Freedom and the Birmingham church bombings. (Also: the ascent of Goldwater.) Playing out in the foreground: The idealistic beliefs of Miss Farrell and the mounting difficulty Betty has not talking about race with Carla. (Also: some Republican outrage at segregation and a concern that the push for civil rights has arrived too soon.) And with each episode we move a little closer to the Kennedy assassination, an event we know will change this world irrevocably. (Though I’m not even sure the series will portray it.)

last week’s episode was one of my favorites. enjoy the nerdy analysis!

~ by nadstina on October 13, 2009.

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