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yes, it’s been a loooong time. turns out having a yob means working a lot, and getting better at it means no time for los blogs that are not los work blogs. sorry ’bout that. but what better way to break the silence than to post this amazing photo, in honor of the season finale of true blood, the show i love to hate. yes, it’s old but totally worth it:

i really, really hope they are besties IRL. thanks, feed of buzzing!


best bamba ever.

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ya no llores, llorona.

thanks, LAMC, for introducing me to this joyita.

i want to make this so bad

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someday, when i am a punk housewife, i will make this:

via pinterest. so pretty.

lunch post of the day: so i did NOT make this

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but the boyfriend did. he’s been on a good kick since those homemade plantain chips:

that’s chicken in a garlic soy sauce with steamed vegetables, sauteed onion and kale on a bed of red quinoa. hate me cause you ain’t me.

how badly do i want this.

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as you can see, this makes your eggs and pancakes into the only shape anything should be made in order to be eaten. via laughing squid.

lunch post of the day: so this is not my lunch, but it was my dinner

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because my lunch is actually pretty sad today…some cold picadillo and tuna. but hey! let’s focus on dinner:

picadillo, broccoli rabe with garlic and oven-baked parm crusted chicken. NOMZ.

song of the day: méxico, ra ra ra

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yeah, yeah, it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything that is not about food, but hey, i post also a lot of pictures of my cat which you can see if you follow me on instagram.

but this video is too good not to post. thanks, remezcla!